First of all I should say that I am not against women. Don’t misunderstand me as a women-hater and this made me to post all these women related jokes. In fact joke is joke and everybody wants to share a good joke. This way I made some collection which I would like to share with you all including ladies and women having sense of humor for a Good 🙂 laugh.

Hilarious jokes make your heart laugh 🙂 . It is proven fact that laugh is good for health. If you can laugh, you can live longer. For this reason, all men and women are joining laughing clubs to laugh in the morning.

So, take it easy and laugh 🙂 for your health. Some contents (jokes/ quotes) may be of adult nature, those may be handled carefully, in front of minor children.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Tommy for your visit. i would like fun and make others laugh. I just started. I will visit your blog. Keep visiting, and enjoy. Thank you.

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