Dr. William F Fry, a leading laughter researcher, discovered that the effects of laughter are the same as that of athletic exercises- heart rate increases, heart muscles are activated and respiration is amplified with increased oxygen exchange during a hearty laugh.

Dr. HK Chopra says laughter eliminates negative stress and induces a feeling of peace and health. Those who laugh last.

Laugh without a reason.

Those who laugh are healthy.

Laughter is divinity and eternity.

Laughter should be unconditional.

Be radiant, ever smiling and ever loving.

Do not laugh at others, laugh at yourself.

Make sure your face always wears a smile.

Laughter is a tranquiliser, equaliser and energiser.

Laugh at least 15 times a day, if you want to be healthy.

Do not laugh at people, laugh with them. It will creat brotherhood.


(Extract from ‘Life style and Health’ written by Dr. HK Chopra)


smile is a curve that can set a lot of things straight.

Laughter is the one form of communication every culture can understand.




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